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Dec 8, 2013 11:25pm EST
research that has been done except for one psychologist catherine newman has written a book called rampage. virtually all of the ways that we have approached them has been a focus on the psychology of the shooters so you have an extreme psychology for example the work on columbine, david for example it's like looking at a surratt painting up close that you don't see a picture at all. or it's guns and violent video games and marilyn manson and goth music. it's any of the number of causes that lead the skies to explode and then there are those that have the more social psychological. they could be bullied into they woulwere constantly beat up allf them have stories by the way. >> host: so where is the title meant in that situation? >> guest: the initial part and i will get to the entitlement part of the city additional piece i had is that it's not enough to profile the shooters we also have to profile with schools. now, sandy hook by the way is a complete exception to this. >> host: it wasn't a cave that was -- >> guest: it wasn't a student coming into his school. and since columbine
Dec 2, 2013 2:00pm EST
-year-old, edward newman. is this something the vice president will raise on the strip? >> we are deeply concerned about the welfare of the u.s. citizens held. kenneth bayh has been a north korea custody -- north korean custody for over a year and we continue to urge the dprk authorities to to grant them amnesty and immediate release and the urge the immediate release of meryl newman who was detained more recently given mr. newman's advanced age and health emissions -- conditions. we urge them to release mr. newman so he can return home and be reunited with his family. i don't have an itemized list of topics of discussion for the vice president but in addition to all the important issues we discussed with the governments of the countries he is visiting i'm sure that those that are getting a lot of attention right now will be among those issues discussed. >> back on health care for second. since the new system has been activated, why has this been done and how much traffic is -- on the web site? >> let me say it couple of things. one of the improvements that has been made since october 1
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2